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UN WSIS Contributory Conference on ICT &Creativity à Vienne le 2 & 3 Juin 2005

29/04/2005 Datanews - Geknipt (article)
19/04/2005 De Tijd : Russische roulette op het Internet (article)
15/04/2005 15/4 : ISOC Belgium (Rudi Vansnick) à la International conference on Gambling, organisé par la fondation Rodin à lire ...
Octobre 2004 : TIK vzw et ISOC Belgium signe Memorandum of Understanding.

TIK vzw, mieux connue sous le nom PUB (Pandora User Base), et ISOC Belgium vont travailler ensemble dans le cadre d’un meilleur support aux utilisateurs d’Internet. Le MoU décrit la volonté des 2 organisations à mieux défendre les droits de leurs membres utilisateurs de l’Iinternet. Par la signature de cet accord, les membres TIK deviennent ISOC Global Member..

Septembre 2004 : "ISOC Belgium vraagt om spam" .. announcé dans la presse Internet.

ISOC Belgium starts a spam- and spyware denonciation service. First step in the approach of cybercriminality, from which every internetuser is suffring today. Several actions are planned, the publication of the results being scheduled for December.

1 June 2004 : ISOC Belgium Associated Partner of WSA (

The World Summit Award (WSA) is a global initiative for selecting and promoting the World’s best e-Contents. It involves representatives from numerous countries on each continent and sees the bridging of the digital divide and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal.

The WSA places its emphasis on cultural diversity and identity, the creation of varied information content and the digitalization educational, scientific and cultural heritage. The project is held in the framework of and in cooperation with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003-2005.

11 June 2004 : W3C Benelux and Internet Society Belgium distribute open standards.

The W3C Benelux Office and ISOC Belgium signed on 11 June 2004 in Ghent (Belgium) a Memorandum of Understanding for co-operation in Belgium and Luxembourg. The objective is to create a better awareness of W3C and W3C Recommendations in these countries. ISOC Belgium will assist the W3C Benelux Office with organising events in the Belux and will also be carrying out PR activities for W3C.

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