Why becoming a member ?

Internet Society: a netwerk of networkers

Under the central motto ' Internet for everyone ' Internet Society Belgium commits itself in supporting all participants to the 'Internet community' in Belgium: companies, institutions and individuals. Together they form the actual ' Internet Society Belgium ', on which the association aims itself with its activities. Ideally each individual member or participant should take part in hte process.

The meetings and debates concerning relevant Internet issues are an ideal occasion for meeting colleagues which does not belong directly to your existing network of friends.

Internet Society: take part a your level

As individual or as a companymember :

Individual members can submit an application for expert groups. Members can - generally without cost or with much discount - take part in the exclusive activities and meetings. Members have in addition voting right for the international governing board of Internet Society. Naturally the service-port folio for the members is increasingly further extended.

  • Internet Society: a must for professionals
  • For its supporters ISOC Belgium means: knowledge, contacts and influence
  • Internet Society: your resource of information on Internet
  • Through the website of ISOC members stay informede about relevant issues and publications.
  • Internet Society Belgium organises on regular base congresses and meetings which are freely accessible or at reduced cost.

I want to be an ISOC member !

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