IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6 Address Space

After much discussion concerning the policy guidelines for the deployment of IPv6 addresses, in addition to the years of technical development done throughout the Internet community, the IANA has delegated the initial IPv6 address space to the regional registries in order to begin immediate worldwide deployment of IPv6 addresses.

Deploying IPv6: The Time Is Now

On 3 February 2011, the central pool of available IPv4 addresses managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) was depleted when each Regional Internet Registry (RIR) received its last /8 or 16,777,216 addresses.The five RIRs (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and the RIPE NCC) will continue to allocate IPv4 address space to their members in accordance with their community-based regional policies until their pools of available IPv4 addresses are depleted. It is difficult to predict when the RIRs will run out of IPv4 addresses.

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