The principal purpose is to maintain and extend the development and availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications - both as an end in itself, and as a means of enabling organizations, professions, and individuals worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, and innovate in their respective fields and interests.

The Internet Society ...


  1. Facilitates open development of standards, protocols, administration and the technical infrastructure of the Internet
  2. Supports education in developing countries specifically, and wherever the need exists
  3. Promotes professional development and builds community to foster participation and leadership in areas important to the evolution of the Internet.
  4. Provides reliable information about the Internet
  5. Provides forums for discussion of issues that affect Internet evolution, development and use -- technical, commercial, societal, etc.
  6. Fosters an environment for international cooperation, community, and a culture that enables self-governance to work
  7. Serves as a focal point for cooperative efforts to promote the Internet as a positive tool to benefit all people throughout the world
  8. Provides management and coordination for on-strategy initiatives and outreach efforts -- humanitarian, educational, societal, etc.

With these strategic underpinnings in place, the Internet Society has identified and undertaken a number of projects to demonstrate its commitment to the mission. Many of these have been initiated by chapters or as a result of individual and organizational member desires. Others have been undertaken through the efforts of the trustees, officers and secretariat staff in Reston and Geneva.

Internet for everyone

ISOC promotes a stable and safe internet accessible for everyone. It stimulates the distribution, the usage and the application of standards of the internet in an international context. Beside, ISOC opens a broad forum for discussion and an equal representation for all concerned people, by organising the ISDF (the Internet Societal Discussion Forum).

A stable internet

An important task for ISOC consists of the development and promotion of internetstandards and protocolls making internet stable. ISOC is acts as the motherorganisation for several international organs, doing research, development and prootion of standards and protocolls : IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IAB (Internet Architecture Board), IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) and IRTF (Internet Research Task Force). IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, sits under the ISOC umbrella.


Advises, knowledge transfer

ISOC as a non-politically aligned organisation which encourages the development of institutions, and activities that promote and manage the Internet as an open resource for the benefit of all peoples of the world.

ISOC focuses activities through Task Forces. These bodies are the strategic core of the development and management of the Internet globally. (App G) ISOC provides funding and an organisational home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (www.ietf.org), Internet Research Task Force (www.irtf.org), Internet Societal Task Force (www.istf.org) and events such as INET – the global Internet Summit. (www.isoc.org/inet2001. Its technical advisory body is the Internet Architecture Board www.iab.org, which also works as a “court of appeal” for the Internet Standards processes in the IETF.

Topic based “interest groups” expand knowledge on issues as diverse as the creation of an interplanetary Internet and the international Legal and Regulatory environment.

ISOC’s developing countries workshop programme has trained the trainers for over ten years. This has been instrumental in creating Internet service provision throughout the developing world.

ISOC is at the core of Internet governance issues offering a community of expertise during the formation of the IANA’s successor organisation ICANN (www.icann.org).

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