French media intrest for .vlaanderen - RTL TVi news edition 13h and 19h 

(04 00:00:00/01/2012)

.vlaanderen op RTL TVI nieuwsThe race for new GTLDs will start soon. As we already mentioned a few days ago, the Flemish government published a call for tender for .vlaanderen. Amazing fact : RTL TVi made a special edition in the 13h and the 19h news edition with an interview of the president of Internet Society Belgium giving some clarification on what it is all about. It proves already .vlaanderen gets a lot of attention, even by our French colleagues.

As mentioned during the interview, .vlaanderen is not a political action but rather a way of giving the Flemish community a place in the world wide web space by providing internet identity through the specific domain name .vlaanderen.

RTL TVI Journal

 If you want to see the extract click here

World Summit Award judging ended ... soon the winners 

(09 00:00:00/04/2009)

Starting 3/4/2009 in India, New Delhi, 34 jurors of the WSA Grand Jury have selected among 800 projects the 40 best e-Content projects of the world. They have been judging for 5 days long in order to get the best of the best in 8 categories : e-Business, e-Health, e-Inclusion, e-Entertainment, e-Learning, e-Government, e-Science and e-Culture. The winners will receive their award in Monterey Mexico on the 12th of June. Soon the winnerslist will be announced.

The jurors came from 32 different countries and among them was also a Belgian juror : Rudi Vansnick.

Dienst Eco Inspec (FOD Economie) evolueert naar efficiënte aanpak 

(17 00:00:00/03/2009)

In de voorbije 12 maanden hebben we meermaals dossiers overgemaakt aan de dienst Eco Inspec (vooral spamklachten). Wij hebben inmiddels mogen vaststellen dat deze dienst steeds efficiënter wordt. Maart 2008 werd een spamklacht-melding beantwoord met een brief en een paar A4-tjes antwoordformulier. Onbruikbaar gezien je een email niet kan overschrijven op een voorgedrukt formulier. Gaandeweg hebben we kunnen vaststellen dat de dienst gestadig zijn procedures aanpastte en inmiddels een zeer efficiënte en snelle aanpak toont. Voor de eerste maal kregen we een elektronische melding van de ontvangst van een spamklacht, wat uiteraard aangeeft dat de automatisatie van de procedures een feit is geworden.


Nu nog de politieke wil om deze dienst nog efficiënter te laten optreden door de gepaste acties op wetgevend vlak. Het mag niet blijven bij spamklachtmeldingen, ook effectief optreden tegen de "daders" is een manier om de dienst Eco Inspec meer armslag te geven.

World Wide Web celebrates 20th birthday 

(12 00:00:00/03/2009)


Geneva, Switzerland - 12 March 2009 - As the inventor of the World Wide Web returns to Geneva for the twentieth birthday of his creation,  the Internet Society celebrates both his achievement and the open, standardised Internet platform that made it possible.

Tim Berners-Lee, together with our compatriot Robert Cailliau (added by ISOC Belgium), helped change the course of history by inventing the World Wide Web, while working at the CERN physics laboratory in Geneva, 20 years ago. What some may not realise is that the Internet itself had at that time already been running for more than 15 years.


ISOC's press release


Opmerkelijke uitspraak van Belgisch gerecht. 

(02 00:00:00/03/2009)

De strafrechtbank van Dendermonde, inmiddels een beruchte stad, heeft een van 's werelds grootste searchengines  Yahoo veroordeeld wegens het niet verlenen van medewerking bij gerechtelijk onderzoek in kader van cybercriminaliteit. Dit vinden we zeer opmerkelijk enerzijds, maar een grote stap voorwaarts in de aanpak van cybercriminaliteit. In de komende dagen, met name op woensdag 5/3, is de voorzitter van ISOC Belgium, aanwezig op de ICANN meetings in Mexico, panellid in een open debat e-Crime and Abuse of the DNS Forum: A Global Perspective. Sinds 3 jaar is ISOC Belgium begaan met de problemen van cybercriminaliteit in België en Europa. Er werd tot op vandaag heel weinig aandacht gegeven aan deze problemen.

ISOC Belgium participates at 34th ICANN meetings in Mexico 

(24 00:00:00/02/2009)


ICANN logoDuring the 34th ICANN meetings in Mexico, ISOC Belgium will have a particular task to fullfil. The At-Large Summit is the first-ever gathering of the representatives of individual Internet users participating in ICANN.

Organised as an integral part of the 34th ICANN International Meeting in Mexico City, the Summit features two General Sessions of all participants, thematic sessions and workshops on issues that concern individual Internet users worldwide led by At-Large community members, five working groups producing statements on important subjects to the whole ICANN community, and many other events.


ISOC Belgium's president will be co-chairing the workgroup 3 on new GTLDs on Sunday and Tuesday. Tuesday 3/3 he organises a thematic session with the title "Registries-registrars and abuse of domain names". On Wednesday 4/3 he is member of the panel debating on e-Crime and Abuse of the DNS Forum.


The full program is accessible here and some of the sessions have remote participation services.

Internet telephony investigations coordinated by Eurojust 

(23 00:00:00/02/2009)

Ms Carmen Manfredda, acting National Member for Italy, will take the lead in coordinating a Europe-wide investigation on internet telephony (VoIP).

At the request of Direzione Nazionale Antimafia in Rome, the Italian Desk at Eurojust will play a key role in the coordination and cooperation of the investigations on the use of internet telephony systems (VoIP), such as “Skype”. Eurojust will be available to assist all European law enforcement and prosecution authorities in the Member States. The purpose of Eurojust’s coordination role is to overcome the technical and judicial obstacles to the interception of internet telephony systems, taking into account the various data protection rules and civil rights.


Source : Eurojust -

Eugene Kaspersky confirms ISOC Belgium's point of view 

(20 00:00:00/02/2009)

Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder of Kaspersky Labs (anti-virus software), was present in Brussels and commented on the cybercriminality today. Remarquable statement of Mr Kaspersky : there is only one way to stop cyber criminality, we need a better international collaboration. This sounds very wellknown in our ears.


At several occassions our chair has made similar statement at national and international conferences. Mr Kaspersky's comments are in this a welcome confirmation of the activities ISOC Belgium has been focussing on the last couple of years. And we will certainly not stop these actions. Next event : ICANN meetings in Mexico 1 - 6 March.

ICANN Draft Applicant Guidebook on new GTLDs version 2 released today 

(19 00:00:00/02/2009)


ICANN released the second version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook for new GTLDs today 18/2/2009, which contains a lot of modifications as a result of the public comment period. A 52 days comment period starts the day the document is released in the 5 languages, probably just before the start of the ICANN meetings in Mexico next week.


More detailed data can be found here.

Privacy en auteursrechten zwaar onder druk door Facebook 

(18 00:00:00/02/2009)

Door toedoen van de wijziging van de gebruiksvoorwaarden van Facebook komt nogmaals de privacy en het auteursrecht in opspraak. Het is overduidelijk dat er nood is aan een betere bepaling van wat een Internetgebruiker aan rechten en plichten heeft. Zeker als het gaat om het plaatsen van eigen materiaal (teksten, beelden, geluid) op websites die slechts één doel nastreven : populariteit aan de hand van hun "klanten - leden".


Opmerkelijk toch dat alleen bedrijven auteursrechten betwisten, zeer uitzonderlijk krijg je dit te horen van een burger. En in deze gaat het dan om een toch wel vrij grote groep van burgers. In de komende dagen zullen we samen met enkele organisaties de koppen bij elkaar steken om eventuele acties tegen dergelijke "geldwolven-achtige" methodes te kunnen voeren.

EU commission proposes 5 billion euro for energy and Internet broadband infrastructure in 2009-2010. 

(03 00:00:00/02/2009)

On the website of the EU we find following message :

The Commission proposes € 5 billion new investment in energy and Internet broadband infrastructure in 2009-2010, in support of the EU recovery plan

As part of the ongoing implementation of the EU recovery plan endorsed by the European Council in December 2008, the European Commission has today presented proposals to invest in key energy and Internet broadband infrastructure projects. These will deliver a much needed stimulus to the EU economy in the short term, while at the same time targeting strategic goals such as energy security. All Member States will benefit from the package of measures

ISOC Belgium wil ook zijn medeleven betuigen bij het voorval in Dendermonde 

(24 00:00:00/01/2009)

Het bestuur en de leden van ISOC Belgium betuigd zijn medeleven met de ouders en familie van de slachtoffers van het ongelooflijke voorval in Dendermonde. Dit schokt niet alleen België maar ook de wereld.


Al onze leden en symphatisanten worden vriendelijk uitgenodigd hun medeleven naar het e-mailadres te sturen. ISOC Belgium zal alle berichten samenbrengen en officieel overmaken aan de stad Dendermonde. U kan ook uw medeleven betuigen via deze link


ISOC Belgiums' comments on the draft applicants guidebook for new GTLD's 

(21 00:00:00/01/2009)

Small communities looked with great eyes to the offer to participate in the Internet world by means of new GTLD's. Several organisations spend a enormous budget in trying to understand the process and policy behind this action. But, the pressure of large business and commercial benefit is destroying their dreams ... unlucky again ?

For that reason we ask and require the split of the proposal into 2 parts : the geographical, community bounded, non-commercial, not-for-profit and by government guaranteed GTLD's should have the opportunity to enter their proposals as soon as possible with a low entry fee. The second part/phase would be for commercial organisations, having an initial goal of benefit. And as such considered being more generic than geographic oriented.

ISOC Belgium congratualates the new president of the USA : Barack Obama 

(20 00:00:00/01/2009)

Finally, Barack Obama is he 44th president of the United States, and somehow the 'president of the world'. Probably he will also be the president of a futur Internet, as we have found some rumours dr. Vinton Cerf would become a personal advisor of the president.

Bekendmaking Nederlandse inzendingen voor de World Summit Award 

(16 00:00:00/01/2009)

Den Haag/Amsterdam, 15 januari 2009


Vanavond zijn in cultureel centrum Felix Meritis in Amsterdam de acht Nederlandse inzendingen voor de World Summit Award 2009 bekend gemaakt. De bekendmaking werd gedaan door Jan Willem Broekema, voorzitter van Internet Society Nederland, tijdens een grootschalige internetnieuwjaarsbijeenkomst van 21 nationale en internationale organisaties uit de internetwereld in het bijzijn van zo'n 400 internetprofessionals


Meer info hier

New year wishes from ISOC's CEO and president Lynn St-Amour. 

(30 00:00:00/12/2008)

We herewith want to enable all our members to receive the new year's wishes send out by the CEO and president of ISOC worldwide. Please click on "read more" for the detailed letter.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 new standard. 

(15 00:00:00/12/2008)

Today (11/12/2008) W3C announced a new standard that will help Web designers and developers create sites that better meet the needs of users with disabilities and older users. Drawing on extensive experience and community feedback, the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0" improve upon W3C's groundbreaking initial standard for accessible Web content, apply to more advanced technologies, and are more precisely testable. W3C also published supporting resources, including "Understanding WCAG 2.0," "Techniques for WCAG 2.0," and How to Meet WCAG 2.0: A Customizable Quick Reference. Read the press release, testimonials, announcement, and WCAG Overview. Learn more about the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Debates in Strasbourg focused on security, privacy, openness and Accessibility 

(22 00:00:00/10/2008)

beeldjeEuropean view on what should be considered important and highlighted topics in the Internet Governance, has been discussed during the past 2 days in Strasbourg. A intensive dialogue resulted in some highlighted items European polyglot, multi-culture multi-stakeholders expect to be topics to be handled at the IGF in Hyderabad. "No security without privacy" stated by Rudi Vansnick, is certainly an essential item to go forward in the discussion about how open the access to Internet should be.
A report on the meeting will be available in the coming 24 hours.

European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EURODIG) with ISOC Belgium. 

(15 00:00:00/10/2008)

European Dialogue on Internet Governance (
Strasbourg, 20-21 October 2008


European actors interested in Internet Governance issues will meet in Strasburg on 20-21 October 2008, to discuss openly and freely their ideas, experiences and concerns in a fully multi-stakeholder format.

The main themes on the Agenda of the 3rd IGF to be held in Hyderabad in December will be addressed with a particular emphasis on issues surrounding security, privacy, and openness on the Internet (concerns such as cutting Internet access, the privacy and security of popular internet banking and commerce applications, etc). Other themes will include universal access, as well as managing Internet critical resources.
Read more ...

32nd ICANN Meeting in Paris : French Minister Besson will attend Opening meeting 

(20 00:00:00/06/2008)

French Minister Besson to Attend Paris Opening Ceremony
Joins ICANN chairman to open 32nd international public meeting
PARIS : French Minister of State Eric Besson will attend the opening ceremony of ICANN’s 32nd international public meeting in Paris on Monday 23 June.

The Minister is responsible for Forward Planning, Assessment of Public Policies and Development of the Digital Economy and will join ICANN’s Chairman in officially opening the meeting Le Meriden Montparnasse at 9.30am.

“We are honored and delighted that the Minister is able to make time in his busy schedule to attend,” said Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN. “This is an exciting and interesting meeting, with highlights including discussions on new generic top level domain names and IDNs. There will also be a special business access agenda on the first two days of the meeting.”

Belgian World Summit Awards 2008 kick-off planned soon 

(09 00:00:00/04/2008)

The Belgian World Summit Award is unique in Belgium thanks to its specific categories, which cover all aspects and sectors of the emerging Knowledge Society and emphasize, during the competition itself and the evaluation process, the added value of multimedia and electronic contents for specific user groups and purposes. Content and creativity are the key aspects, without which we face a digital world completely empty and dull.

2008 being the year of e-Inclusion, we will of course focus more specific on this category and we strongly invite organisations with projects in this category to contact us.

The Belgian World Summit Award stands out as a contest with benefits for every entry. It is a showcasing and networking platform for e-content products and a unique chance for producers to receive recognition outside their existing markets and customer communities.

ISOC Belgium vice-chair Frans Gerbosch in Washington DC for PIR conference 

(06 00:00:00/03/2008)

beeldjeOur vice-chair, Frans Gerbosch, will be in Washington DC from 6/3 till 10/3 as European representative and Advisory Council member of the Public Interest Registry (PIR). PIR stands for : An expert team of forward thinking innovators manages, guides and advances the stewardship of .ORG. This globally diverse group is committed to protecting your interests and maintaining the stability of the internet.
More details about PIR :

March 26th : Document Freedom Day 

(04 00:00:00/03/2008)

beeldjeIntroducing Document Freedom Day

The first official announcement of the Document Freedom Day: Introducing the Document Freedom Day: "On 26 March 2008, the Document Freedom Day will provide a global rallying point for Document Liberation and Open Standards. It will literally give teams around the world the chance to "hoist the flag": A 'DFD Starter Pack' containing a flag, t-shirt, leaflets and stickers is in preparation and is planned to be sent out in the first weeks of March to the first 100 teams that sign up. And so is ISOC Belgium ... keep posted for more details.

Belgacom rachète Scarlet ... nouveau monopole dans le télécom ? 

(15 00:00:00/02/2008)

Il y a quelque mois le gouvernement avait signaler de faire le nécessaire pour que le marché de la télécommunication serait plus ouvert à d'autres fournisseurs. Néanmoins nous devons constater qu'une fois de plus cela était un message sans contenu.

La reprise de Scarlet va certainement touché les autres opérateurs ainsi que les clients déjà mécontent des services offerts par les opérateurs concernés. La force de frappe des grands devient encore plus important et le prix d'accès à l'Internet ne diminuera probablement pas, au contraire. Nous savons qu'une reprise (migration) demande beaucoup d'investissement et en plus résulte dans des situations administratives complexe et souvent avec pas mal d'erreurs. De plus, les petits opérateurs devront faire face à des nouvelles règles imposer par les grands joueurs du marché.

The 3rd African Conference on Free and Open Source Software and the Digital Commons  

(07 00:00:00/02/2008)

Dakar, Senegal will be the host country this year and the conference will take place from the 16th to the 20th of March 2008 at the Université Cheick Anta Diop (UCAD) of Dakar, Campus Numérique de la Francophonie, Dakar, Senegal.
Registrations are open here


Cette année, la conférence se tiendra à Dakar au Sénégal du 16 au 20 Mars 2008 à l’ Université Cheick Anta Diop (UCAD) de Dakar, Campus Numérique de la Francophonie, Dakar, Sénégal.

Pour vous y inscrire

Kamercommissie Infrastructuur aanhoort analyses van ISOC Belgium 

(25 00:00:00/01/2008)

De Kamercommissie Infrastructuur organiseert momenteel hoorzittingen over de veiligheid van onze informatica. Woensdag 23/1 greep de tweede reeks plaats en daarin werden onder meer Rudi Vansnick (Isoc) en de Leuvense cryptoloog Bart Preneel gehoord. Zij schatten de gevaren die onze informatica bedreigen veel hoger in dan eerdere politie- en beleidsverantwoordelijken deden.

Het artikel van Johan De Wit, Gazet van Antwerpen, kan u hier lezen.

W3C published an early draft of HTML 5 

(23 00:00:00/01/2008)

W3C published on 22/1/2008 an early draft of HTML 5, a major revision of the markup language for the Web.
The HTML Working Group is creating HTML 5 to be the open, royalty-free specification for rich Web content and Web applications. The group operates entirely in public with nearly five hundred participants, including representatives from W3C Members ACCESS, AOL, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera.

New in 2008 : a short overview 

(01 00:00:00/01/2008)

Price changes for .be domain names : cost for registration of an .be domain name for registered agent will be 3 euro i.s.o. 5 euro.
First ISP to block Childpornowebsites : Scarlet will block childpornowebsites being listed on an official blacklisted websites. A close follow-up of application of this rule will be necessary.

First State of Online Safety Report released. 

(07 00:00:00/12/2007)

beeldjeFOSI's State of Online Safety Report presents an annual snapshot of this critical area in a variety of countries, covering:

* legislation and regulatory regimes,
* technology,
* public education efforts.

The 2008 report, first in this series, is now available!
In the report you may find also a status of what's going on in Belgium.

Deadline position paper for W3C Workshop Video on the Web 

(21 00:00:00/11/2007)

beeldjeToday is the last day you can enter a position paper for the Workshop Video on the Web on 12 and 13 December held in San Jose and streamed to Brussels.

Goals of the workshop
High-level goal: Make video a first class Web citizen, including making it easy to create, link to and from, describe, and search. Part of making video a first class Web citizen will involve addressing issues of accessibility, internationalization, privacy, digital rights, performance, and device-independence.

More details can be found on

Internet Society (ISOC) Belgium vzw-asbl - Tel:+32  9 329 39 16 -  RPR : 0875.696.796